Airtable Essential Blocks & Development Experts

Our Essential Blocks

While the Airtable custom blocks API is in beta, our essential blocks remain in beta as well, Please apply to our beta if you would like to try them out.


Winner of the Airtable custom blocks competition – easily create country, month and day of week fields in any world language, as well as year and time selection fields. This block is open source. You can find it on GitHub.

1 / 5 ×
1 / 5 - Country field
2 / 5 - Year field
3 / 5 - Month field
4 / 5 - Day field
5 / 5 - Time field
URL Viewer

Display the page content of your URL fields inside your base. Supports videos, social media posts, and any other page or content you can share with a URL.

1 / 6 ×
1 / 6 - Youtube Video
2 / 6 - Spotify Playlist
3 / 6 - Instagram Post
4 / 6 - No record selected
5 / 6 - Empty url fields
6 / 6 - No url fields

Create rich text guides and manuals for your workflow and base, with embedded videos, images and a table of contents. This block is open source. You can find it on GitHub.

1 / 4 ×
1 / 4 - Embedded Videos
2 / 4 - Rich Text Editor
3 / 4 - Insert Video
4 / 4 - Howto Edit
Duplicates Marker

Find records that are duplicates of one another and link them to each other using linked record fields.

1 / 3 ×
Step 1 / 3
Step 2 / 3
Step 3 / 3

Our Services

With tens of years of experience developing complex systems, our team has done it all. And now, we are doing it with Airtable,

Base Design

With our extensive experience designing sql and no sql databases, and most recently Airtable bases, we will help you come up with the best design for your needs.

Data Preparation & Import

Need to import data from other systems into Airtable? We got you covered. We will help you clean & transform your data as part of the process as well.

Automation & Integration

We will connect your base to any app or system using automation services such as Zapier and Integromat, or, if required, custom code.

Advanced Forms

We will create data collection forms that look and behave exactly the way you want them using any popular form builder, or, if required, custom made forms.

Custom Blocks Development

Looking for a custom “app” accessible directly from within the user interface of your base? With the new custom blocks functionality (still in Beta), we will make it happen.

Software Development

Do you have more complex requirements? Our development services will bring them to life, quickly and reliably.